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Experience the best in hiking, culture and culinary adventures in Gros Morne National Park

Your Gros Morne Bucket List Experience Awaits...

We create a "choose your own adventure" style itieniery that includes all the best once in a lifetime experiences found in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. We carefully selected the best experiences that you choose to create your bucket list adventure. Start with an iconic boat tour on the fjord, add a seafood feast on a secluded beach and that's just day 1! From walking isolated volcanic coastline, to the summit of Gros Morne Mountain, you choose from all the best hikes. Evenings consist of live traditional music and the best in fine dining. Relax comfortably at our Boutique Inns and Chalets. We include a local guide to help curate your story.

Soft Adventure - Active Adventure - Iconic Adventure

Hike the Iconic Western Brook Pond Gorge - Active Adventure

We've all seen the ICONIC photo from high above Western Brook Pond, now challenge yourself to go and capture it. This full day guided hike offers spectacular access to this remote part of the park and includes a gourmet lunch overlooking the fjord.

Take the Gros Morne Mountain Challange - Active Adventure

Experience the parks namesake mountain and the second highest mountain in Newfoundland. This guided hike on Gros Morne is a challenge for all those that attempt to summit it. Often capped in fog the summit offer spectacular views of the Long Range Mountains and is the most southern habitat for arctic animals and plants.

Take a Journey to Middle Earth...Hike the Tablelands - Active Adventure

Hike on a landscape unlike any other you have walked on, the Tablelands is a rare piece of the earths mantle exposed in a scale not found anywhere else in the world. This guided day hike will reveal the story behind the geology, show you the rare plants that struggle to survive on the barren landscape. Includes a gourmet lunch overlooking Bonne Bay at our mountain top infinity pool.

Cruise the Signiture Fjord of Gros Morne - Soft Adventure

Enjoy a the Canadian Signature Experience of Western Brook Pond boat tour. The landlocked fjord is renowned for its 2000 ft cliffs and some of the highest waterfalls in eastern Canada. Stroll through the lowland meadows and bogs on your journey to this majestic wonder. 

The Finer Things Culinary Journey through Gros Morne - Soft Adventure

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