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Our Sustainable Tourism Promise


Tour Gros Morne’s sustainable tourism promise is built with the environment and community in mind. Working closely with the environmental and tourism sectors has enabled us to build a good understanding of what we need to become a champion in sustainable tourism. Our top priority is looking after the health of the land, oceans and people we are connected to. This guides us through the creation of our experiences and is evident when you’re on our adventures here in Gros Morne National Park. This mindset has allowed us to create hiking, culinary and cultural tours that offer, low carbon transportation options, locally sourced and sustainable food that generates almost zero plastic waste, provide opportunities for locals to work while supporting local operators and caring for the physical and mental health of our guests and guides.

Whether it’s to maintain your energy for the day or just enjoy company over a nice glass of wine, we recognize everyone must eat! A variety of diets exist, and we embrace them all with the goal of satisfying your taste buds and reducing our food and plastics waste as much as possible. We believe in the 100-mile diet and offer breakfast baskets and lunches that feature locally sourced products from companies like Gros Morne Coffee Roasters and Gros Morne Farm and Market. The seafood and meats we use are ethically sourced and support local fishermen and farmers.

In addition to this, our lunch containers and water bottles are made of metal or glass to reduce our plastic use and eliminate any toxins from leaching into your body! We follow the principles of Leave No Trace when disposing of waste properly, leaving plants, rocks and artifacts where they were found and, respecting the wildlife by staying a safe distance away and not feeding them. We committed in 2018 to Take 3 for the Sea which means our guides must always collect at least three pieces of garbage while on our adventures with you. And although we never expect our guests to follow suit, we love it when they do!

Partnering with Atlantic Healthy Oceans Initiative (AHOI), a local not-for-profit environmental group, has allowed us to give back locally. AHOI's mission is to work with the region to improve the health of our oceans while maintaining thriving coastal communities for generations to come. We provide an option for guests to donate to AHOI and offset your carbon footprint. 


Choosing local sustainable products and operators while  reducing our plastics dependency has certainly aided in reducing our carbon footprint. We haven’t completely transitioned to becoming carbon neutral but, all of our tours include complimentary pickup service by one of our Ecoboost or EcoBlue petrol or diesel vehicles. By taking extra cars off the road, our pickup service and vehicle design has helped reduce our carbon emissions by 20%.

The community which surrounds our operations are essential to our guests and guides experience. We believe good physical and mental health are paramount to serving our guests an exceptional experience and this includes looking after our guides. We offer competitive wages and equal pay to all our employees and advocate that they have fun, create a positive work-life balance and encourage a happy lifestyle on and off duty. So come be a part of a truly sustainable experience, leaving only footprints in Gros Morne National Park.

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