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Our Tour Gros Morne, hiking, cultural and culinary experiences are extraordinary because of our incredible staff. We have a small, dedicated, passionate team, that share a love for people, hiking, travel and Gros Morne. Their knowledge, passion, experience and unique personalities amplify your unrivaled individual experiences. Our guides have expert knowledge in the terrain, culture, flora, fauna and history of the area and make sure that you not only see the wonder of Gros Morne but also understand and experience it.

With a passion for sustainable tourism experiences, we offer award winning tailor-made multi-day vacations and interactive day excursions. No two trips are every the same, as no two people are ever the same, we customize each trip to your needs and desires. Our guides listen & pay attention to what you are interested in and will tailor the experience just for you. They are also busy making sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes so that you never have to worry about a thing. We focus on local, authentic adventures. Every tour is an interactive, fun way to learn, explore and experience the true essence of Gros Morne National Park.

Recipient of the 2020 Tourism Innovator of the Year, Newfoundland Labrador Tourism


Come meet our awesome award winning team!

Ian Stone Pic.JPG

Ian Stone ~ Owner/Guide

Born and raised in St. John's and upon graduating from Memorial University he moved to work in western Canada for 10 years. Ian jumped at the chance to return home in 2010 after accepting a position in Gros Morne. His sense of place that all Newfoundlander's embrace makes him a passionate promoter of the province. Residing in Gros Morne has inspired Ian and his wife, Rebecca, to start three companies, Tour Gros Morne, Taste of Gros Morne and Gros Morne Inn. Living in a world-class national park they develop sustainable tourism experiences and are passionate about creating new customized experiences by developing strong partnerships with local operators. An avid volunteer in the community he is on Bonne Bay Search and Rescue and a multitude of tourism and festival boards along the way.

Favorite experience in Gros Morne: 1/2 day hike in the any of the communities and an afternoon meeting all the local "characters" in Woody Point followed by the Seaside Food Tour!

becs pic.jpg

Rebecca Stone ~ Owner

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world"- Mahatma Gandhi
Raised as a southern Newfoundland “bay-girl” in Marystown, Newfoundland, Rebecca is the brains behind our culinary flavors and drive to ensure we meet our environmental commitments. In 2001, she left her hometown for university and now holds a B.Sc. in Marine Biology, B.Ed in Secondary Education and, a MA in Environmental Policy. Gandhi’s inspirational words have guided Rebecca to be where she is today working with coastal communities, and Parks Canada to ensure Gros Morne National Park and our oceans stay healthy for generations to come.
While working through school, Rebecca also traveled throughout Canada and gained extensive wine, beverage and food pairing knowledge. Rebecca's experience and love for food and wine allowed her creative juices to mold what is now Taste of Gros Morne. This gift to cook and passion to share the beauty of flavors is something you will experience on any of our culinary experiences. So tell us your story and Rebecca will be here to create that memorable foodie moment for you!

Favorite experience in Gros Morne: A large day hike finished with a locally caught halibut or lobster dinner paired with a buttery Chardonnay.


Tara is originally from Toronto but after coming to Gros Morne for a visit many years ago she decided to make it her permanent home. She traded the CN Tower for the Tablelands and has never been happier. Tara has travelled to 35 countries and has never found a place as beautiful as Gros Morne. With 25 years in the hospitality industry, working from hostess to manager Tara knows what it takes to make each guests experience unique, and unforgettable. Tara is WSET certified and a Canadian Wine Scholar and loves sharing her passion and knowledge for wine on our culinary food tours. Also a yoga and meditation teacher, Tara has a deep appreciation for nature and believes in the benefits of spending time outdoors. She says that to truly appreciate the beauty of a place you must understands it's culture and Tara loves explaining what makes Newfoundland culture so rich and unique. She loves meeting new people and cannot wait to trade travel stories with you. 
Favorite experience in Gros Morne: The Tablelands, it one of the only places on the planet that you can not only see, but walk on mantle rock. They hold a powerful healing energy and it is an incredibly rare and beautiful experience to walk or sit among them.

Tara Kroes ~ Director of Operations/Guide


A true local, Brad is a direct descendant of generations of lighthouse keepers at Lobster
Cove. Growing up in the area he spent much of his time meandering through the bush with his
pack and fishing rod, developing bushcraft competence at an early age.
After spending over 20 years in the prairies, Brad brought his extensive experience with
firefighting and search and rescue back to Newfoundland. He continued to share that
knowledge by instructing first aid and offshore survival programs
In 2017, Brad moved back to his roots, starting his career in the guiding industry. Over the
past six years he has perfected the art of catering to the needs of his clients.
Brad's love of Gros Morne and passion for providing exemplary customer experience is
evident from the moment you are first introduced. His charisma and humour provide his
clients with memories that last a lifetime. He lives with his dogs on a lake in the backcountry, developing a homestead which supports his philosophy of self sustenance and environmental responsibility. 

Favourite experience in Gros Morne: Narrowing it down to one favourite hike in this park is not an easy feat to accomplish. The trails through the park are all wonderful, with something to explore on all of them. However, for me, seeing the land untouched and finding my own secret spaces… those are the paths I follow.

Erika photo.JPG

Despite being born in Calgary and raised in Ottawa, Erika has strong roots in Newfoundland. With a large family hailing from the south coast of the island, Erika spend many summers and winter vacations growing up visiting and exploring the east and south coasts of Newfoundland and even attended school in Corner Brook for a year. Having spent the past few years away building up her outdoor practices, she is back with an outdoor leadership degree and a passionate desire to explore everything the park has to offer.

Favourite experience in Gros Morne: Big Lookout; a challenging climb coupled with the unique experience of traversing a wide open bog through rolling hills. Not to mention the possibility for wildlife at every turn, 

Brad Young ~ Lead Hiking Guide

Erika Piepjohn ~ Hiking Guide


From ‘’la belle province’’ Quebec, Jacob wants to explore Canada. His journey began with Newfoundland, specifically Gros Morne. What he discovered on that rocky island was beyond his expectations. The people, the wildlife and the scenery made him stay in Newfoundland longer than what he thougt. It’s hard to leave when you fall in love with a place as great as Gros Morne. Not scared to spend a few days in  the wild with his backpack and his hiking boots, he wants to share his passion for this small province.  If it’s not raining, you can see him exploring all the nooks and crannies of Gros Morne National Park.

Favorite experience in Gros Morne: There’s nothing better than walking on Trout River Pond Trail, which is one of the most gorgeous landscapes in the park. Following the trail in the forest and walking on the Tablelands next to the water, a perfect mix. 

Jacob Lapointe ~ Hiking Guide


Melanie is a true islander from Moreton’s Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador. Having grown up on the water and in the woods, there's no surprise that Gros Morne has called to her soul. Melanie is a cultural guide and photographer with endless stories and photos to share about the nature and beauty of Newfoundland and its people. 

Favourite experience in Gros Morne: It's almost impossible to choose a favourite, but Western Brook Pond tops my list! With an easy going walk to  breathtaking boat ride through freshwater fjord, you'll be in pure bliss by the glacier carved valleys and misty waterfalls. 

Melanie Rideout 
Cultural Guide/Hiking Guide

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