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Explore the local forest, bogs and barrens for wildflowers, wildlife and stories with a guide in Gros Morne National Park

What do we experience?

Explore for rare plants and wildlife on this evening walk in the park. Many of our local trails provide the perfect evening escape for those staying in Rocky Harbour or Norris Point. We trek through the forest on Bakers Brook Falls Trail in the early evening when many visitors have long gone. We take a look for wildlife and stop to sample some local delicacies. While moose are not always guaranteed this is your best chance to catch a glimpse.

What's included?

This beautiful  2 hour walk takes you to explore the nature and wildlife of Gros Morne National Park. Your evening begins with meeting your local guide at the entrance to Baker’s Brook Falls Trail considered an easy trail with boardwalk and some loose rocks and roots under foot. Experience some of the hundreds of unique Newfoundland wildflowers that grow along the trail. Look for rare orchids, blue flag iris and our provincial flower, the pitcher plant. As you stroll along the board walk through the changing terrain you will learn about the boreal forest ecosystem and see the impact that the wildlife is having on the park. This tour is perfect for the photography enthusiast, not just for the majestic, diverse nature that surrounds you, but also for the panoramic views of the Long Range mountains that stretch out before you. Your guide will teach you how to spot different animal tracks and how to keep an eye out for the residents of the park such as moose and listen for migrating birds. As you sit among the bog cotton and spruce trees you will enjoy a traditional Newfoundland treat, known as a mug-up while watching the sunset into the ocean. The evening ends with your guide returning you to the entrance of trail. This tour is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the delicate, and diverse flora and fauna that call Gros Morne home. Ideal for photographers, plant and bird lovers and families with active learning kids.

It's all in the details...

2020 dates June 21st – September 4th  

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 7-10 pm (6-9pm August 5th - September 4th)

$99.00 per person, plus tax

Minimum of 2 people per trip.

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