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A Guide to Newfoundland: A Rugged, Remote Foodie Haven - VOGUE

Tour Gros Morne as featured in VOGUE Magazine - Tour Gros Morne guided writers from around the world through an adventure to remember in Gros Morne National Park. From multi-day backpacking to day hikes, culture and culinary adventures we curated the adventure for this group and were happy to partner with other local operators to make it a huge success.

Here is a link to the full article in VOUGE and some snip-its are found below...

“Newfoundland has all that western Canada has, from soaring mountain ranges to deep valleys and gorges, yet it is truly untouched. You can go and hike in peak season with a handful of people, not thousands,” said Ian Stone, owner and operator of Tour Gros Morne. “You can experience a national park that is not bursting at the seams with people but bursting with natural surroundings, moments of peace. I feel this is the type of place that Banff was 100 years ago.”

We had the chance to showcase some of the best in culinary experiences in Gros Morne with Taste of Gros Morne food tours in two vastly different areas of the park featuring local seafood paired with wine, craft beer and local spirits.

"Food tours are also a great way to sample the different dishes of the area. Taste of Gros Morne, for example, offers a few different tours around western Newfoundland’s national park. Each tour takes you around to the area’s best restaurants to sample the gastronomy, as well as gives you local insight into the community from owner Rebecca Stone, who also brings a sample of her homemade cuisine for you to savor."

We always make sure to include local culture and immerse our visitors in the communities throughout the park.

"Gros Morne offers more remote towns, like Trout River, which vaunt no cell-phone service, pastel-colored houseboats, and a way of life that’s been since forgotten (like the local matriarchs who sell handwoven socks on lines in front of their homes)."

With a passion for sustainable tourism experiences, we offer a variety of tailor-made multi-day vacations and interactive day excursions. Try one of our exciting hikes to amazing vistas, savour culinary excellence on a food & wine tour or create your own masterpiece at one of our artist's studios. We focus on local, authentic adventures. Every tour is an interactive, fun way to learn, explore and experience the true essence of Gros Morne National Park. Contact us so we can plan the adventure of your dreams.


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